This is our agreement with you, the customer, concerning your purchase of household furnishings from Winder Mattress & Furniture. This agreement cannot be changed except by written agreement between you and Winder Mattress & Furniture management.

2. Warranties: (a) All warranties are manufacturers’ warranties. Winder Mattress & Furniture acts only as a servicing agent to the warranty claim process, view our website for details.

3. At any time after the purchase/sale process Winder Mattress & Furniture reserves the right to correct mathematical errors in pricing and/or computations.

4. On any financed purchase customer agrees to release funds from the finance company to process their  order.
5. Layaway customers must give 4 weeks notice prior to pick up. All layaways are 3 months term. Any layaway over 3 months will be subject to loss of deposit and termination of contract.
6. All cancellations to include re-selections are subject to 30% CANCELATION FEE.
7. All exchange are subject to manager approval.
8. Our estimated time from your purchase for arrival is 2-10 weeks. Special orders may take longer. Changes will delay your delivery time. Some delays may occur on your purchase order due to manufacturer delays and/or production times. Manufacturers may discontinue some items without prior notice.
9. Return check will be subject to $25 bank charge.